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Toyota Camry 2018: Transmission problems

I bought my Toyota V6 3.5-litre SX Camry in September 2018 and have had intermittent issues with my 8-speed transmission with it sometimes not knowing what gear to be in during down-shifting and then up-shifting which makes it jerky when the gear engages. Your review noted that this was a blemish in the transmission. When trying to get the issue addressed my driving style was blamed. After persisting they downloaded the computer data and forwarded it to the Toyota head office. They replied that there was no issue. The Toyota Guest experience tells me that I must record the details of when the issues occurs, at what speed, and what time and date. How can I have this issue addressed, what can I do?

Graham Smith ANSWERED BY Graham Smith
27 September 2019

It can be difficult to diagnose and fix a car when the problem is intermittent, it might not occur when the mechanic of technician is present to observe it. Follow Toyota’s advice and record instances with as much detail as you can. The more information you can gibe Toyota the better the chance of fixing the problem.