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Suzuki S-Cross 2014: Should I do a major service?

My 2014 Suzuki S-Cross has just done 50,000kms, it is out of warranty and on a capped service deal. It has done half of the average kilometres for its age, so is a major service recommended or the normal service? There is about $500 difference in cost and given such low kilometres, and that I will only do 5000km per year, is it worthy of doing the major service?

Servicing is based on time as well as kilometres, Ingrid. Fluids and rubber components are affected by the passing years, not just the passing kilometres, so if a major service is due, then the best advice is to have it carried out.

If you want to reduce your servicing costs, the best advice might be to abandon the capped-price deal (presumably at a Suzuki dealership) and find a good, local, independent workshop that is qualified to do log book services. You might find even a major service at such a workshop will be no more expensive than a minor one at a dealership. Just because you have a capped-price servicing contract doesn’t mean you have to use that service outlet.