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Subaru XV door drainage

Could you please give me advise, or help in a matter with a Subaru XV I purchased? Every time I wash may car or it rains the doors fill up with water and it takes 30-40 sec for the water to drain out when I open them. Subaru says that this it is part of the design and is not a fault, but what car company builds their cars so the doors fill with water? I have been told that the doors are made from galvanized steel and will not rust, but there is also a concern that the electrics will corrode leaving me with expensive bill for window motors, wires, door locks, electric mirror electrics etc. It is also damned annoying. I just can't believe Subaru's. I have owned many makes of cars and none have had the doors fill with water.

Graham Smith ANSWERED BY Graham Smith
13 September 2013

It is normal for some water to flow through the doors. Doors on all makes and models have drains to allow it to get out. It does seem unusual that the water accumulates in the doors to the extent that it takes up to 40 seconds to drain away. I would be making sure that there is nothing impeding the drainage. I would be seeking a meeting with the dealer to review the issue, if that doesn't solve the problem go directly to Subaru, and if that fails call in a body expert and have an independent assessment made. One possible expert you could consult is Graeme Cuthbert on 0422 444 335.