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Subaru Forester 2008: What should I be looking for in a used car?

I am looking to buy my first car and am keen on the 2008/2009 Subaru Forester auto. Most of the cars in my price range have done 220,000-280,000 km. How many km is too many for the 4-cyl 2.5-litre petrol engine? What is a reasonable amount of km on this model of car that will be good value for my money?

It’s not possible to say how many km is too many, as there are a number of things that can affect engine life. It can be the way it has been driven, if it has been thrashed, if it has towed, etc., but the most important thing is servicing. Any vehicle you consider buying should come with a record of regular servicing by an experienced mechanic who would use a good quality oil. Try to find a car with around 150,000 km, which should give you 150,000-200,000 km of reliable motoring.