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Amanda Leverington ASKED THE GUIDE

Reasons not to buy a GLE?

I love reading the weekly CarsGuide. My girlfriends think I'm strange, but I love it. I'm just looking at shouting myself a new Mercedes-Benz GLE 250D. I know it's a stupid amount to spend on a car but I'll deal with that guilt separately. I originally looked at the GLC but the wait is too long, with next January delivery, so I'm planning to upsize to the GLE. Looking at the 250D, the only add-ons I want are the heated seats but it seems Mercedes add the 360 parking camera, exterior AMG Line pack and sunroof to everything they import, so looks like it will come with that as well. I will get a vehicle already here, rather than ordering one, as the dealers seem to be wanting to do a deal. Any reasons why I shouldn't proceed?

If you want a Benz GLE, and you can afford it, then do it. It's not stupid if it makes you happy. Definitely go for a car that's in stock at a dealership to get the best deal.