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Problems with 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe diesel transmission

I am looking at buying a late 2016-2017 Santa Fe diesel AWD with the intention of towing a camper weighing 1.3 tonnes. My local auto transmission specialist tells me to be careful. He has rebuilt 20 or so Santa Fe's autos/transfers due to some fault being where the transfer meets the transmission is in a "void" where the drive shaft meshes, but is devoid of grease and believes this is bad design causing premature wear and failure. What have you heard about this problem or is it isolated? How can I know if there is a real problem? What warranty backup is there?

The diesel is rated to tow up to 2.5-tonne so it should handle your camper with ease. There are a few reports of transmission/transfer case failures, as your mechanic has told you, but it’s not widespread, and with a warranty that lasts for five years with unlimited kilometres you should be well covered if something does go wrong.