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Leigh Williams ASKED THE GUIDE

Price of parts after manufacturing stops?

What will happen to the price of parts and servicing with the loss of locally made vehicles and the competition it provided? Deciding on what to buy, my wife had the Mazda MX-5 as favourite, until I read your article for LED headlamps for the new MX-5 being $5200 a pair. So the MX-5 is now OFF the list. While it might not be technology for the sake of it, paying 15 per cent of the purchase price for a couple of headlights borders on the ludicrous for a car that is about $35,000. Now I just have to convince her she really needs a VFII SSV Commodore!

Paul Gover ANSWERED BY Paul Gover
19 October 2015

The limited competition provided by Ford-Holden-Toyota is having little if any effect on parts prices and that won't change. Is the headlight price on the MX-5 just an excuse to get the car you really want?