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New Amarok with ESC warnings?

I bought my 2015 VW Amarok in September. After only 1800km the dashboard is showing ESC failure and doesn't allow me to start the car. The car was taken back to dealer and they said there was a software issue, but only one day after getting it back it happened again. It went back for a proper check this time. The dealer told me that a relay was burned out and needed replacing. But it happened again. This time they promised they would fix it for sure. It's now almost three weeks and they are still trying to find the problem. I have already made a complaint to VGA. Am I entitled to get my money back, or get a new car?

First and foremost VW is required to fix your car and it would seem by what you say they are not doing it satisfactorily. You need to keep the pressure on the dealer and VW, and ask them when they will have it fixed. You should also be given a replacement vehicle of the same sort while your car is being repaired. If they cannot fix it within, say the next week or two, then press for a replacement car or your money back. If it gets to that stage you might be best to employ a solicitor to act on your behalf.