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Navara auto shudders and rattles

The auto transmission in my 2012 Nissan Navara ST dual-cab 4WD diesel doesn't like to change down gears easily, and gets to the stage where the car starts to shudder before it will change. It is worse when towing a load; the extra load really makes it shudder. Sometimes it will get down to about 1200 rpm before it changes. This is starting to cause rattles in the car. The dealer said to control the gear changes myself using the semi-auto shift feature, but I shouldn't need to. What do you think?

We have had another report of this on another new 7-speed Navara. The dealer told that owner that it was because the transmission has to trawl down through seven gears as it slows, which takes time, but that doesn't ring true. More likely it's a software issue that needs to be addressed by Nissan.