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Toyota Prado 2015: Suitable alternatives

I have three children and two big dogs, and we are very active and enjoy camping. Our 2015 Toyota Prado was stolen and the insurance will only pay the value of the car, not replace it. I can put $8000 towards it for the 2018 model, but I really don’t want to get into debt.

We have always had a Prado and love them, but because finances are tight I would like your advice on a vehicle that would meet our needs, something that measures up to the Prado. We don’t really do a lot of off road.

If the Prado is the better way to go long term I would consider putting the extra towards it to purchase a new one.

Instead of buying new why not buy a used one like the one that was stolen. If not why not look at something like a Kia Sorento or Toyota Kluger.