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My 2010 Ford Mondeo is having problems, what should I do with it?

In 2016 I was travelling at over 100 km/h when my 2010 Ford Mondeo suffered a sudden loss of power and the engine malfunction light came on and it went into engine protection mode. I took the car to my Ford dealer for an early 65,000 km service, but it was by then behaving normally and no problem was found. After the service I had a second episode of power loss and the engine warning light came back on. Following this second episode my usual servicers advised that it is an unusual problem requiring replacement of the mechatronics unit with costs of $3000 parts + over $1000 labour, totalling more than $4000. Since then I have had about four further episodes of the engine malfunction light coming on. It tends to happen only with drives over 100 km. Ford has tried helping, but the computer diagnostics seem to give them erroneous advice. I have a car that I cannot risk for long distance driving and cannot sell to anyone in good conscience, so it is effectively worthless, yet still has only 72,000 km on the clock. Do you have any suggestions?

I assume the computer was replaced as diagnosed after the second episode, and that it has continued to give problems even with the new one. Intermittent problems are hard to diagnose, so you have to have some sympathy for the mechanics doing it. But given that Ford recently owned up to not looking after its customers I would approach them about fixing it, or getting a replacement car, or a refund.