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Musso buying advice

I HAVE the chance to buy a 1996 SsangYong Musso four-wheel-drive for $10,500. It has done 133,000km, has had one owner and is in near-immaculate condition. The electronic sunroof that does not work, but this doesn't bother me. What are your thoughts on this vehicle?

THE Musso flew under the radar of most buyers because the SsangYong brand was unknown here, but talk to a Musso owner and they will almost certainly tell you they love their car. I know of one that has done well in excess of 250,000km without a problem. The Musso's engines and transmissions are basically old Mercedes units, so they're well designed and developed. The rest of the car is pretty well built. One downer is that the 1996 model doesn't have an airbag. In my view the asking price is about $1000 too high, particularly if the sunroof doesn't work. It might not bother you that it doesn't work, but it might bother the person you want to sell it to in a few years, and so reduce the potential resale value.