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MU-X transmission shudder and noise

I have a 2016 Isuzu MU-X. When the cruise control is disengaged by applying pressure on the footbrake at speeds over 80km/h there is a shudder and a noise from the transmission as it appears to go into neutral and then back into gear. The dealer advises this is normal for this vehicle. How do you think this can be fixed, or is it a fault in the car?

It's not something that we have come across before, and it doesn't seem right, but it needs further investigation to find out if it is a normal function of the car or a fault. I suspect the latter, but couldn't say one way or the other without witnessing it do it. Take it up with your dealer again, and if he says it is normal with the MU-X ask him to demonstrate it on another car. If he can't reproduce it on another one press him and Isuzu to investigate why it's happening on your car. If he can show you that it does happen on others you have to believe that it is an in-built fault with the MU-X.