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Mitsubishi Triton 2011: Airbag warning light

Asked by David Moore

The SRS Airbag Warning light in my 2011 Mitsubishi Triton stays on continually. It has been back to my local dealer four times to have it fixed as I really do want my airbags working when required. The last time it went back was two days ago and it didn't even last the drive home before it came on and stayed on. The dealer said that Mitsubishi would be replacing the wiring harness, but they don't have any at the moment. The dealer has been told to just apply the fix they have been doing until the harnesses are available. I find this ludicrous. This has been going on for well over six months. Three months ago I was involved in an accident with an impact speed of around 40 km/h and the airbags did not deploy. At the time the SRS airbag light was not on. When I asked the dealer what impact speed should set the airbags off he said he couldn't tell me as he had no idea and I should ask Mitsubishi. Sounded like he was covering his back. I have no faith in this car, or in Mitsubishi. I cannot just sell the car as it is leased and there would be a financial penalty for doing so. I purchased and paid for a car with airbags as a prime safety feature and right now nobody can assure me they will work when required.

Answered by CarsGuide

14 Jun 2013

You're perfectly entitled to expect the airbags to work correctly, and Mitsubishi must address the problem to ensure they do work as they're designed to do. Ask the dealer for a full report on what the problem is and how they intend to fix it. Most importantly ask them for a timetable of when it will be fixed, and request a letter from Mitsubishi stating that your car is safe to drive in the meantime. If they won't provide you with that letter, demand a replacement car to drive until they have fixed yours.

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