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Mazda 6 vs Toyota Camry

My husband and I want to purchase a new car to replace our 1994 dual-fuel VR Holden Commodore, which is starting to breakdown on a regular basis and is becoming unreliable.

We are not the sort who constantly upgrades cars and want to keep our new purchase for as long as possible. We like the Mazda 6 Touring but have also seriously been considering the Toyota Camry Ascent Sport Hybrid. My husband will mainly be driving it to work each day but we also want to use it on holidays in Victoria and also interstate. Our concern with the hybrid is will it, or its battery last as long as a traditional petrol vehicle.

What would you recommend for us?

There’s no reason to think the Hybrid will not last as long as a regular petrol vehicle.

Toyota has been making hybrids for many, many years and they have never shown any sign of being less durable or reliable then the company’s petrol models. The batteries are said to last the lifetime of the vehicle, so there’s reason to be concerned about that either. The thing with the hybrid is the higher purchase price. That’s offset by the lower fuel consumption, so the longer you keep the vehicles the greater the chance to recoup the extra initial cost.

The other thing to consider is that hybrids work at their best in stop-start city traffic, they are not so good out on country roads where the petrol engine comes into play more of the time.