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Kia Stinger: Did it live up to expectation?

Driving around I have noticed there doesn't seem to be many Kia Stingers on the road. Given the massive hype pre-launch, I was wondering if you had some numbers on how sales have been since it was introduced? Has it gone the same way as the other sedans and been neglected in favour of the SUV or ute? Despite sales, have they lived up to everyone's expectations?

Kia’s target for the Stinger was originally 200 per month, and while it has sold 150-160 per month the company says it is not disappointed. They are buoyed by the fact that more than 80 per cent of the sales are the top-spec 3.3-litre GT. They are also encouraged that three state police forces have signed up for Stinger – Queensland, WA and the Northern Territory – and South Australia is still looking at it, while Victoria and NSW are showing renewed interest in the car.