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Is $250 for an '09 Ford Mondeo electric fuel pump too much?

I have a 2009 Ford Mondeo 2.3-litre petrol Duratec engine, which has never missed a service, but had a hydraulic engine mount leak oil and collapses. Also, had a leak from thermostat housing that has heater pipes and housing cracked which cost $305 to buy and sender
added another $45 thermostat gasket. I got a private mechanic to do work and later the accessory belt shredded. I only got 40,000 km out of accessory belt in service book it note can be 180,000 km mark. Next problem arrived at 198,000 km when the electric fuel pump failed, so I had the car towed to a Ford Dealer. They will charge $1735 dollars too fit new electric fuel pump and said wires were burnt at wiring loom, so they need to be replaced. I rang another dealer they quoted a price of electric fuel pump cost is $580 and separate wiring loom $110 .The dealership said diagnostic cost $150, which I paid that and left. I paid the mechanic $250 to fit new electric pump and wire from another dealer. Is this too much?

No, you got a good deal from your mechanic.