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Holden Cruze 2011: Leaking water pump

I've heard that there was some extended coverage/warranty for recall issues related to water pump assembly leaks in Holden Cruze JH 2011-2013. I'm just wondering if there's any information you can tell me about this at all please? I've had a lot of problems with my car the last four weeks, water pump replaced twice, once by Kmart auto and again today by Holden dealership. I'm wondering whether there is some sort of cover re cost for this the Holden, or is it legit that I should pay for that as normal? I've had a fairly good experience with Holden dealership with my issues the last couple weeks, they did replace my transmission just over a week ago, at no cost to me and with zero resistance, was all diagnosed, reported, approved and replaced within two days. So I want to trust them with this too but I've had a bad run lately with car mechanics, in four weeks the cars been in to get repairs seven times, towed eight times (broken down seven times), and just found out today from Holden that my recent issue was due to water pump issues (which was apparently replaced n fixed 21/5/19 by Kmart auto).

Leaking water pumps are not unknown; most are changed every time the timing belt is changed because they’re leaking.