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Holden Cruze 2010: Faults while driving

I'm trying to find information relating to an issue with my son’s 2010 Holden Cruze CD. I was in the passenger seat of the car when I experienced the fault first hand, driving at 60 km/h the doors suddenly unlocked then locked followed by acceleration loss for about 2 seconds. I asked if this happens often, he mentioned 3 to 4 times since date of purchase plus once with my daughter when she borrowed the car. We have both searched the Internet for anything that could help with no success, could you provide any assistance or point us in the right direction so we might be able to resolve this problem?

The best people to check it for you are the people from Holden. It’s most likely a problem with the electronics of the car. Because it only happens occasionally, and you can bet it won’t happen when the mechanic is there looking at it, it will hard to trace the cause.