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Holden Colorado 2012: Faulty seat belt pre-tensioner

Last year my business partner and I purchased two new 2012 Holden Colorados. Besides the extremely poor build of these cars, including rattling seats, squeaky strut tops, I am having difficulties getting the dealer to repair a faulty seatbelt pre-tensioner, a fault they diagnosed. They say the part is on back order; it has been since about February. I have effectively a new vehicle with airbags that will not work in an accident situation, which worries my wife, and a warning light and constant dinging from the dash. I really would like to take this issue further with a higher authority but am at a loss? Their customer service is appalling, our calls, e-mails etc. are never returned.

We have asked Holden to check your complaints and give us a date that the part will become available. The warning lights and alarm must be annoying, but the airbags should still operate normally despite the faulty seat belt pre-tensioner. When working, the pre-tensioner comes into play before the airbag and provides protection in less severe crashes where the airbag wouldn't be deployed. The airbag operates in severe crashes, independently of the pre-tensioners. If you are in any doubt get your dealer to explain the operation of the car's safety systems.