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Holden Captiva 2007: Can a crash cause mechanical damage?

Someone rear-ended my 2007 Holden Captiva. It brings up mostly all of the warning lights on my car's dash and it failed to start again after the hit. My insurer doesn’t want to cover it, they say this is a mechanical fault and they do not cover this type of damage, as it is inconsistent with the incident. They gave me a mechanical report suggesting the brake control system failed, plus an engine camshaft timing issue, and that all this happened because of a lack of maintenance. I have never encountered any issue before, and the car has been serviced every six months. How come it suddenly died?

It’s not unusual for mechanical damage to occur in a crash, and most insurance companies cover that damage when it can be shown that it was caused in the crash. Your problem seems to be that your insurance company is saying the mechanical damage wasn’t the result of the crash. Get another opinion from an expert and once you’ve got that you can decide if you want to pursue your claim.