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Holden Calais 2019: Water leaking from exhaust

I want to know if anyone with a 2019 Holden Calais 2.0-litre turbo has had problems with an excessive amount of water leaking from both exhaust pipes. Both mufflers are starting to rust after only three months and Holden say it’s normal for a car to have exhaust vapour coming out when cold. That I accept but not the 50 ml or so still dripping from each muffler after doing 20 km. Holden also said although its "normal" for my car they have never had the same vehicle in to compare it against. The car is not using any water from the cooling system so this problem has me confounded.


Water vapour from the exhaust is common during the warm-up phase. It should stop after a short time of driving, but I wouldn’t be concerned about it.