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Holden Calais 2014: What should I do about the safety recall on my car?

In December 2018 I received a letter from Holden about a Safety Recall for a power steering problem for my 2014 Holden Calais, "which may result in loss of power steering assistance". We are elderly and such an issue could be disastrous for us. I wrote a letter to the GM customer contact asking for urgent attention for this reason. I received no reply. I have resent the letter on 30 April and 30 May, but still no reply. The selling dealer has closed and when I rang Holden customer care I had no help either. In my desperation should I contact the ACCC?

Graham Smith ANSWERED BY Graham Smith
13 September 2019

Don’t stress yourself. Take it to your nearest Holden dealer and book it in to be fixed. There shouldn’t be any problem in having it attended to.