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Holden Astra 2004: Clucking noises

I bought a 2004 Holden Astra two-door hatch in reasonably good running order for my mother, so she can get around locally. I had it serviced, detailed, and have fitted new tyres, only problem it has is a clunking noise as it hits bumps. We put car on stands and went over everything under front, found that struts had up/down movement in the tower, so replaced both struts, and top bearing mounts {everything} took for drive and the bloody clunk was still there, now we found that when car is on the ground under its own weight the top plate that bolts down on top of tower to hold strut in place sits nearly 1/2 inch above tower allowing the strut to move around? I have no idea why or how to fix, these struts are new and bought to suit this model car and year, yet they seem to long for strut tower.

Go back to where you bought the struts, perhaps take a photo with you showing them the problem, and ask them for their advice. Make sure the struts you bought are the correct ones.