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Front brake pads in Accord

When my 2008 Honda Accord was returned to me after its 30,000 km service I was advised that the front brake pads were at 80 per cent and that the rear pads were down to 10 per cent and they would need replacing at the next service. This concerned me greatly as I have never had a car before that wore out the rear pads well before the front ones and especially at such low kilometres. When I asked how they expected the 10 per cent to last 10,000 km when 90 per cent was worn down in 32,000 km the service manager replied that his mechanics said they would last until the next service and he was happy with that. Honda advised me that they considered my rear brake wear was normal wear and tear unless the dealer advised them otherwise. What do you think?

It's not unusual today to see rear brakes wearing faster than the fronts. There's nothing wrong with the brakes as such. Our brake specialist Howard Reynolds of Race Brakes says it is quite common on some Japanese and European cars, and appears to be a result of manufacturers trying to extract as much braking power from the rear brakes as they can. It seems to be worse in low speed city driving and appears at about the kays your car has done.