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Stirling Reeve ASKED THE GUIDE

Ford Ranger cracked chassis

The chassis in my 2008 Ford Ranger has cracked on both sides at the back behind the rear wheels inside and out all the way. It was taken to the dealer to be inspected and they refused to help fix it, and Ford was no help at all, so I paid to have it repaired as needed it to get to work. When I spoke to an engineer and showed him photos he said lots are doing this and not just the Ranger. Has anyone else has had this problem? A month after fixing the chassis the head has gone and will cost $3500-plus to fix it. Do you think this is acceptable, or should Ford pay for some of the repairs?

It is unacceptable for a chassis to crack under normal driving use, you might accept some cracking if the vehicle was being used in extreme conditions. We haven't had any other reports of Rangers having this problem; the only other vehicle that has been reported to us with chassis cracking is a Nissan Navara. Likewise we haven't had other reports of cylinder head problems with the Ranger diesel. I would expect Ford to come to the party with some of the cost of repairs, but being the second owner and having already had the repairs done you claim has been weakened.