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Ford is replacing my unreliable 2014 Kuga. How much can I expect?

My 2014 Ford Kuga has had starting problems since two months after I purchased it.

Since then it has had numerous 'updates', two screens replaced, two batteries replaced, it has had the earths fixed to prevent steering loss, the tailgate latch replaced and I am still having my communications screen shut down when it gets too hot, which can be from 26 to 38 degrees.

Ford has given the car to a caseworker to help with these issues and it is now at the stage where it is being appraised for a refund or replacement if my claim is accepted. How much should I expect to pay/lose on the value of my car as I have been told that if I decide to replace the car I can expect to have to pay something towards it as my car has lost value. I was also told that this is between the dealer and me, and that all Ford does is agree that the car needs to be replaced or refunded.

I guess I just want to know where I stand and to have some idea of what to expect.

Being four years old your car has lost some value in the time you have owned it, and that will be factored into the deal.

The trade-in value is $9500-$11,500 and I would expect that’s what the dealer will offer you if you accept a replacement car. Don’t expect Ford or the dealer to be on your side here, you have to bargain hard with the dealer to get a decent deal.

Unfortunately the deal won’t factor in the stress, inconvenience, and cost you have had to endure with this defective vehicle.