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Ford F250: Is it legal to tow my Caravan?

I have a heavy ball weight caravan (420 kg) at tare: tare 2830 kg, ATM 3320 kg, GTM 2900 kg, tri-axle chassis 3500 kg total, axle group rating 3200 kg. I am looking at buying a Ford 5.4-litre petrol F250 so I can legally tow it. Is it legal to tow with a 3500 kg rated tow vehicle with a 4500 kg rated tow bar fitted, or do I need to go to the 7.3-litre diesel 4500 kg rated F250 with 4500 kg tow bar, or do you have another suggestion as to which is the best vehicle to tow this van with?

It’s not legal to use a 3500 kg rated tow vehicle to tow 4500 kg, and your insurance wouldn’t cover you in the event of a crash. Step up to the bigger vehicle, or maybe look at something like a RAM pickup.