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Robert via email ASKED THE GUIDE

Fiat Ducato motorhome noise and smoke

Travelling along at about 95 km/h in our Fiat Ducato 160 motorhome the motor gives out a puffing sort of noise then a lot of black smoke out of the exhaust. The motor runs very rough with more like a hissing noise, then a knocking noise. The motor will start again after stopping it.

The excuse I'm getting from Fiat is that their computer cannot read the car's computer because of some fault in their computer. This has been going on now for three weeks. Maybe you can help me to what is wrong with the vehicle.

There are a number of possible explanations, from the turbocharger, to the fuel pump, and the injectors. Your dealer should be able to diagnose the problem, if not, take it to another dealer. If that also fails take it to a diesel engine specialist.