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John Richardson ASKED THE GUIDE

Fiat brakes under warranty

A few years ago I had a Fiat that went through brakes and tyres rather quickly. When I had to replace the front pads the dealer told me that they were not covered by warranty, but when I read the warranty brakes were not mentioned under "exclusions". I then contacted Fiat after which the brakes were replaced under warranty. It was probably an omission, but brakes were not excluded in the warranty, so they were therefore covered. It is not the first time that I've encountered expected "exclusions" missing from warranties etc., so it is worthwhile reading the warranty document to find out.

You're absolutely correct, everyone should read the warranty document when they buy their new car, so they are well armed with the correct information should they need to claim against the warranty later on. You are also correct that it is probably an omission on Fiat's part that brakes were not excluded from the warranty, they probably got lost in the translation from Italian to English.