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Gordon Chadburne ASKED THE GUIDE

Do I need to get a dealer service?

I have a 3.0-litre Fiat motorhome and my question is whether I must have it serviced at a Fiat dealer. I got the first service done at a Fiat dealer in Newcastle and it cost me $550 as they changed the oil filter and oil. I had only done 10,000km. My next service is 48,000km or two years and, as I'll have done only about 20,000km, I will get it done at two years. I don't do many trips a year as I am paying it off and I have to work. The Fiat dealer told me my next one will cost $900 as they change the fuel filter and do more checks on it, and he also said if I don't get a Fiat dealer to do it then it won't be covered by warranty if something happens. I‘ve been told that if I use Fiat filters and spare parts and engaged a licensed mechanic then my warranty is still covered.

As long as it's done by reputable mechanic, using parts to Fiat quality standards, there is no problem with the warranty. But remember that if you're only going back to Fiat when you have a warranty drama there might not be as much love if you have not been loyal on service.