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Mazda 3 2015: Paint peeling

Just before the warranty ran out on my 2015 Mazda3 I noticed the paint was peeling off the bonnet. It is pulling away right back to the metal.

The dealer says as outlined in the owner’s book, bird droppings cause this. I thought this is ridiculous as the car is well cared for and cleaned. If droppings are noticed they are removed as soon as practically possible. He refused to give me the decision in writing. I followed up with head office, and they promised the world, then came back and said, photos from the dealer are unclear, so needs more investigation. Then came back and said, the dealer said it was droppings, end of story, and nothing can be done.

Wondering if this is a common story of Mazda paint? I also have a Mazda6, parked and cared for in the same way, with no issue at all. Feel it is terrible quality if the paint will peel off after droppings being on it for a few hours. This story is a little more back and forth, but this is the summary, can provide more details and photos.

Without being able to see the paint problem it is difficult to be conclusive, but on the basis of what you have told us it is more likely to be the paint quality than bird droppings.

Your best course of action is to consult a paint specialist and have them make an independent assessment that you can submit to Mazda.