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Dealer damaged my car

In mid-January my new Honda HR-V RS had its 1000 km service. The service centre supervisor phoned to inform me that it was ready for pick up, but 10 min later I was phoned again and informed that a trolley of tyres had accidently rolled into my driver side door causing significant damage. They said that manager would call me on Monday, but that they are looking at replacing the whole door.

I am extremely upset about the damage to my new $36,000 car. Is this reasonable action to be taken by Honda, or should my car be replaced?

Yes, I think the dealer is doing the appropriate thing. It’s not unusual for a whole door to be replaced; it’s easier and quicker to do that than repair the door panel. For you the end result is almost certainly better doing it that way. There’s no reason or justification to replace the car.