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Citroen C5 a good buy?

I have been a Citroen admirer from my childhood. At 56, after owning various European and Japanese cars I've decided to finally get a Citroen, and the C5 takes my fancy. I don't have a big budget, but the C5 is very affordable with some under 100,000km. I have owned a Honda Prelude and a Subaru WRX, and have found them to be fun and very reliable. I have read various reports on the C5's reliability, but I'm presuming as long as I get one with books and low kays that it should give good service.

What is your opinion on the 2007 C5? Am I looking at years of enjoyable driving, or is their quirkiness and mechanical support going to be a problem?

Graham Smith ANSWERED BY Graham Smith
11 September 2015

European cars are generally more expensive to service, and tend to need more repairs as they get older and the kays climb. The Citroen is no more or less reliable than any of the other European brands, it doesn't have any glaring flaws that should be on concern to you, but it's worth getting a Citroen specialist to check any car you are considering buying. It's definitely recommended that you get an independent Citroen specialist to service the car, and it would be worth consulting a Citroen car club to get their recommendations on the person you choose to service your car.