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Can I have a 2017 engine in my 2014 Holden Colorado?

I needed a new motor in my Holden Colorado and sourced one from a wrecking yard. It turns out they sold me a 2017 motor, and they are saying it will work if I change some of the sensors. But Holden says it won’t work. Can you tell me if it’s possible to have a 2017 engine in a 2014 Holden Colorado?

Since both variants of Colorado here use essentially the same engine, I’m not sure what sensors would be different and require changing. That said, the MY17 Colorado got recalibrated hill-descent and hill-start functions, so maybe there are some differences there.

The major mechanical difference that I can see between a 2014 and a 2017 Colorado is probably the power-steering. In late 2016, the vehicle switched to an electrically-assisted system in place of the previous hydraulic set-up. So the later engine would probably lack the pulleys and mounting hardware for the hydraulic power-steering pump that your vehicle requires. Perhaps they can be removed from the old engine and fitted to the later one.

Perhaps an easier solution would be to return the engine originally supplied and ask for the correct version for your car. If the engine supplied originally was not fit for purpose, then you’ve every right to ask for a replacement unit that is.