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Calipers repainted on Clubsport R8

Asked by Jeff Cook

During the 45,000 km service on my E3 Clubsport R8 brake fluid leaked over the calipers, as well the reservoir cap was left off allowing fluid to splash into the engine bay. It is back at dealer to have the calipers repainted. They want to put a sticker on the calipers and clear coat over them, as the original process can't be done locally. I intend to keep the car long term and want it returned to the state I gave it to them in, which does not include stickers clear coated over. Apart from not being the same as original, I have concerns over the longevity of this fix. I paid a considerable amount of money for what Holden claims to be a special car and expect it to return from a Holden service in the same state as they received it. The calipers can't be repainted to the original condition and they are refusing to replace the calipers. It may one day be a classic and I feel I should be able to maintain it in original condition without accepting a sub-standard fix by Holden on a problem they caused. What are my options?

Answered by CarsGuide

24 Jul 2015

I can sympathize with you, the car could one day be a classic and the wrong caliper finish could affect its value with HSV enthusiasts. It seems clear that the problem was caused by sloppy work during the service and the dealer has accepted responsibility for it, but the action he's suggesting isn't acceptable to you. It would seem to me that it's not a huge cost to him to replace the calipers, and it would be to his advantage as a reputable dealer to do the right thing. You can try to negotiate with him to get what you want, or you could enlist the help of a solicitor and have him send the dealer a letter setting out your case and what you want.


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