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Tremayne Fowler ASKED THE GUIDE

Brand new Bridgestone already flat

THE VERY next day after I bought a set of Bridgestone tyres from my local Bob Jane T mart store for my 2005 Mazda 6 the passenger side rear was flat. I took it back and it was apparently fixed, but less than 20 km later it was flat again. This time I was informed that the sidewall had a pinhole in it and could not be repaired, and that I was up for a new tyre. Having spent more than $1000 I was a little disappointed with their attitude, which was basically that there was nothing they could do. Is there any recourse here?

It sounds like there was a manufacturing fault with the tyre in question and as such it should be covered by a warranty, either by the seller or the tyre manufacturer. Return to Bob Jane T mart with your receipt for the tyres and ask them to replace the tyre at no cost, and if that doesn't produce the result you want, contact Bridgestone direct and seek their help.