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Best car to tow a horse float

I am looking for recommendations of new vehicles that can tow a horse float that are not SUV or 4WD. I have a double straight load lightweight float and only tow one horse (approx. 500 kg) at any time approx. twice a week. I only have room for one car in my garage and find an SUV and 4WD a little bulky and sluggish for driving the majority of time I am not towing.

My current tow vehicle is a BA Falcon, which is unfortunately reaching the end of its life. Please help!

Having ruled out an SUV your choices are fairly limited. If you were prepared to buy used you could buy a late model Falcon, but if you want to buy new you’re really limited to an SUV. Most SUVs have good performance, they’re certainly not sluggish, and they aren’t all bulky. Something like a Toyota RAV4, Mitsubishi Outlander, or a Subaru Forester should be able to comfortably handle your towing needs.