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Audi A5 2010: What is a good price to sell at?

I want to sell my 2010 Audi A5 Coupe, it's done 160,000 km and I bought it two years ago at 100,000 km for $26,000. The km are from driving on the freeway for work. The interior is in mint condition and the panels are smooth with no dings or scratches. It is an Aruba blue colour and other than one S5 I saw in Brisbane I've never seen another A5 with the same colour on the Gold Coast. I definitely don't want to sell it to a dealer, as they will offer me nothing for it. It's in perfect condition and last year I spend over $5000 on a whole new DSG transmission and my mechanic told me that that's the main problem that goes in the 2010 A5. What's a good price to try and sell it at?

Graham Smith ANSWERED BY Graham Smith
20 September 2019

Somewhere between $13,400 and $15,700 would be a guide, but it would depend on condition and service history.