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Ask Smithy Xtra Toyota Land Rover possible lemon

The day before I picked up my Land Rover Freelander 2 SE in 2007 I was told that there was a noise in the rear diff and that they were going to replace the whole diff! They assured me that it would be perfect once that was done, but then at 15,000 km later the diff again was replaced! Since then I have had numerous problems with the car, a failure of the bonnet micro switch, replacement of the air conditioning unit, replacement of the steering wheel, replacement of the driver?s seat belt. Much to my horror and five months out of warranty, with only 113,000 km on the odometer the automatic transmission has failed and requires replacement. I have been told the cost will be $9,000-$10,000!!! I am still waiting for a decision from Land Rover Australia as to whether they will replace this under goodwill. I have on numerous occasions told them that I was not happy with this car and in fact consider it to be a lemon. Have you got any suggestions as to what I should do if LandRover does not come to the party?

We don’t have lemon laws like they do in the United States, but the new consumer laws that came into effect in January this year give the consumer more power to resolve issues with the products they buy, and that includes cars. Take you case to the ACCC  at , or the consumer affairs department in your state.

Under the Australian Consumer Law introduced in January 2011, a consumer can request a refund or a replacement for persistent problems if the car doesn’t do the job it’s supposed to do.