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Ask Smithy Xtra servicing a low km Mazda 6

My 2002 Mazda 6 has done 85,000 km and is now used mostly on weekends. I?ve been getting it serviced every eight to 10 months, but I'm now only doing 2000-3000 km every six months and there doesn't seem to be much point having it serviced every six months religiously. I have seen many used car advice guides such as yours warning about sludge build-up and prematurely worn-out engines from a lack of servicing at regular intervals. My car seems to be as good as new at this stage, so do you think service intervals of eight to ten months are likely to cause any problems down the track?

I don’t believe eight to 10 months between services, given the mileage you’re doing, would present a problem as long as you stick to a regular maintenance routine.