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Lisa Greentree. ASKED THE GUIDE

Ask Smithy Xtra Faulty Vectra gearbox

The transmission in our 2005 Holden Vectra has just failed without warning and Holden has told us it will only contribute a maximum of $1000 towards the new gearbox that will cost us $6000. They added that that is a "maybe" as our mechanic had actually removed the gearbox to find the fault and not Holden. Should this happen?

It’s generally the industry practice of paying for part of the cost of repairs like yours once the new car warranty has expired. They also generally like to have control of the work being done when they’re paying even part of the freight. That said the $1000 they’ve offered does seem a bit miserable. I’m guessing all of this is being done through a dealer, if that’s correct you could take your case directly to Holden through its customer assistance service.