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Amarok brake pads wearing out too fast

What are your thoughts on my situation with a Volkswagen Amarok? I have just had some work done on the car and have been told it needs new front brake pads and discs The car is 28 months old and has just ticked over 34,000km. I understand they use softer compound pads and these wear quicker but $850 inside three years seems excessive. Are there any longer lasting brakes, is this a common issue with these cars and do I have a right to feel short-changed?

That's not remotely unusual. It's not about soft-compound pads but actually about soft-compound brake discs, which are essential with anti-lock brakes and without asbestos in brake pads. Your Amarok is also big and heavy so, even if you drive gently, it's not going to be easy on brakes. You could look into DBA replacement disc rotors.