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2014 Actyon Sports being held at dealership

Further to my earlier e-mail to you and you providing details as received from Ateco, I write to advise that contrary to the position offered by Ateco, my vehicle remains off the road awaiting parts. It has now been with the dealership since March 20 and we are now into May.

I understand not only has Ateco put SsangYong into a “sales hiatus” but the current SsangYong-Ateco partnership is being ended. Could you revisit this issue with Ateco to get their revised timescale?

We went back to Ateco and this is the response we received: "With regard to Mr. Laurie, the repairs were actioned on 22 March, with three of the four parts required in stock at his dealership and a fourth part arriving at the dealership on 4 April, having been ordered by the dealer on 30 March. No further parts were, or are on order with regard to this vehicle. The dealer has confirmed that the customer collected his car yesterday, expressed satisfaction with the work and has not been in contact with either dealer or Ateco with any further concerns or issues. Needless to say if there are further issues Ateco and his dealer are more than happy to discuss these with him."