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2012 VW Amarok brake wear

At 20,000 km I had to replace the brake pads on my 2012 VW Amarok. I fitted non-original, softer pads, and now at 45,000 km the problem seems to have been corrected. Why hasn’t VW corrected the problem? This problem increases maintenance and it is very simple to correct. VWs are very expensive to maintain already, and this wear problem affects its reputation.

Wear is only one aspect of braking a carmaker has to consider, there is also the performance and things such as the effect of the pad material used on the environment. You tell us that the non-genuine pads wear better than the factory ones, but you make no mention of the braking performance or the environmental suitability of the material. I agree that the brake pad life today is poor and it would be great of carmakers would do something about improving it.