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Ferrari Enzo price: what they're worth now

Launched in 2002, only 400 road-going Enzos were built.

Launched in 2002, the Ferrari Enzo was named for the company’s famous founder and was brimming with Formula One race-inspired technology.

It also drew huge controversy thanks to the polarising design by Pininfarina, which used advanced active aerodynamics to develop huge downforce without sacrificing straight-line speed.

Powered by a naturally aspirated six-litre Tipo F140B V12 producing 485kW the Enzo ushered in a new era of Ferrari engine design, while the frame of the car used carbon-fibre bodywork, and an electrohydraulic-shift six-speed transmission in place of a traditional manual.

Only 400 of the 355km/h-capable road-going Enzos were built, with Ferrari giving customers who’d purchased the F40 and F50 previously an invitation to add the Enzo to their stable for a list price of US$659,330. Prices since then have climbed steadily with sale prices increasing as the Enzo’s position as one of the last analogue-style naturally aspirated supercars is starting to be appreciated by collectors.

Since 2010 the average price for an Enzo sold at auction has risen from US$830,500 to US$2,399,583, though we’re talking only one or two cars coming up for sale per-year. Despite not being eligible to be driven on the road Australia has played home to several Enzos over the years, with Melbourne’s Dutton Garage having sold two in the past for undisclosed amounts.

Lorbek Luxury Cars in Melbourne currently have a rare Grigio Titanio (silver) Enzo for sale in Australia for $3,999,800 with only 4046km on its odometer. Considering the import taxes and duties applicable to a car of the Enzo’s price range this makes the Lorbek car something of a bargain for an Aussie Ferrari fan.

The last naturally aspirated V12 Ferrari hypercar is surely only going to rise in prices as its forbears like the 375 GTB/4 Daytona, 512BB, and F50 have shown.

Is the Enzo the ultimate Ferrari? Let us know in the comments.