Best January new car deals

20 December 2017
, CarsGuide

If Santa isn’t going to be parking a new set of wheels in your (apparently rather large) Christmas stocking, then it's time to take matters into your own hands. And while it might seem a little strange, January can actually be one of the best times to purchase a new car.

Carmakers, like most of us, want to start the year off strong, and every sale they make in January will make hitting their ridiculously lucrative sales targets that little bit easier. But more importantly, many carmakers will still be shifting compliance-plated ’17-plated stock ahead of ’18-plated models, and that means shrewd negotiating can unlock some real bargains.

How much of a bargain, of course, depends on the dealership and your willingness to shop around, but even before all of that, plenty of manufacturers have announced deals for January that do some of the haggling for you.

At Holden, the brand’s seven-year warranty program still applies to all cars sold by December 31.

And so while Australia’s dealers are hurriedly inflating balloons in an effort to get customers in the door, we’ve compiled a list of the best new-car bargains from the top 10 manufacturers to make your shopping trip that little bit easier.

Some of Toyota’s most popular models are being offered with reduced on-road costs, like the ever-popular Corolla in Accent Sport trim with a CVT automatic for $23,990 (normally $23,250 MSRP) or the Yaris with a manual transmission at $15,990 drive-away (normally $15,390 MSRP).  A similar deal can be had for the Camry Altise, and all three models arrive with four years free roadside assistance.

Over at Mazda, there’s drive-away pricing across most of the range (though some are sharper than others), and you can drive-away in a '17-plated Mazda2 Maxx for $18,990 (usually $17,690 MSRP) while the bigger Mazda3 will set you back $21,490 drive-away (usually $20,490 MSRP). The Mazda6 and CX-3 SUV are both offered with free on-road costs, while the big BT-50 ute starts at $27,490 for the single-cab tray-back.

In the Hyundai camp, look out for the new i30 Go, which is offered at $20,990 drive-away, and brings pricing back down toward the $19,990 mark that served the old i30 so well. Elsewhere, the Santa Fe Active X in 2WD is being offered at $40,990, while the Santa Fe Highlander is being pushed out with five-year servicing included in the purchase price.

At Holden, the brand’s seven-year warranty program still applies to all cars sold by December 31, but could be extended into January. You can nab a ’17-plated Astra LS with automatic for $21,990 drive-away (usually $21,490 MSRP). Likewise, the MY17 Trax LS with auto is yours for $23,990 (usually $26,490).

Subaru is yet to unveil any major January savings, but Kia’s has deals on two of their models.

Mitsubishi’s ever-popular ASX SUV is being pushed out of dealerships at $25,990 drive-away for the LX auto (normally $27,000 MSRP - but almost always one sale). And Ford’s Escape Ambiente SUV is on at $29,990 drive-away with auto until at least December 31 (normally $29,990 MSRP).

Over at VW, the offers technically finish at the end of the year, and see the Golf GTI hot hatch being shopped at $42,990 drive-away with a manual gearbox (normally $41,490 MSRP). And the big-bopper Touareg is $67,990 drive-away, with a trim upgrade to Element (usually $70,990 MSRP). The Amarok V6 Sportline with auto is $53,990 drive-away (usually $55,490 MSRP).

Subaru is yet to unveil any major January savings, but Kia’s under-the-radar Soul is $24,990 drive-away with auto (usually $24,990 MSRP), while an auto-equipped Picanto is $15,690 drive-away (usually $15,690 MSRP). Finally, Nissan’s X-Trail ST with auto now lists for $31,990 (was $32,490), while the Navara SL 4X4 dual-cab lists at $39,490, a significant saving.

Keep an eye on your screens, though. That is just a taste of the deals on offer, plenty more will be unveiled between now and January 1. And happy shopping.

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