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Wheelchair Vehicle Sales, Just Buses & EV's

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Licence number: 1006368

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Why visit Wheelchair Vehicle Sales, Just Buses & EV's?


This business was founded by Christian Elliott in 2005 formerly known as Just Buses & 4WD’s now currently trading as Wheelchair Vehicle Sales.

Christian was importing very clean late model buses and people movers from Japan and stumbled across the factory modified versions of this vehicle with wheelchair accessibility.

Realised what a substantially superior vehicle these were and thought it would be a great idea to bring these high- quality vehicles to Australia.

By doing this people did not have to wait for their own vehicles to be modified, they were able to step into a good quality used vehicle almost immediately.

The old VOSS and MASS system enabled this to happen easily for families. Now we are running on the NDIA/NDIS system and finding that people are more readily able to still purchase these quality vehicles.

We all know how good the train system is in Japan, it is that fast and efficient that unfortunately, people in wheelchairs are unable to access or use them.

Hence the Japanese government provided good incentives to the car manufacturers in Japan to produce a high-quality factory conversion to enable disabled people to get around and not rely on transport services.

We are now taking advantage of these amazing wheelchair vehicles and importing them to Australia for use on the Australian market.

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