Video Ford's Paris pinball parking game

7 May 2012
, CarsGuide

Who can resist a pinball machine with its bells, buzzers and …err, bumper crunches.

Ford took the game to a whole new level by turning a tight Paris parking spot into an oversized pinball game, with bumper-bumps and scores registered on a huge screen via hidden cameras.

Unaware of the set-up, French drivers – used to fighting hard for any space in the crowded city – touch-forced their way into the parking spot, while amused onlookers watched the score rise on the screen.

Ford used it as a markeing ploy to promote the self-parking feature on their Focus. And if you think the parking attempts in the video are a bit harsh, remember this is a city with one of the most frenzied roundabouts anywhere: the Arc de Triomphe, on which any accident (by law) shares the blame among every car touched, no matter which one caused it.

Frankly, there are places in our own cities where this would go down well. And we love an old-school game, so hopefully some other carmakers will get in on the idea. Holden Barina pong, anybody? Or perhaps a round of Suzuki Swift space invaders. Game on.