Ken Block Gymkhana 5 behind the scenes

24 December 2012
, CarsGuide

The world’s favourite hoon used San Francisco earlier this year as the playground to shoot Gymkhana 5 – doing launch starts and burnouts on the bridge, jumps on the hilly streets and circle work around moving trams.

That was released six months ago, so this behind-the-scenes video has been quite a long time coming. But it’s worth the wait, as Block and his team give us a backstage view of the hits and misses behind the action.

You also get a good idea of just how difficult some of the set-ups are, with the risk of overshooting or undershooting any of the marks bound to end in some damage – and the crew revealing they wiped out most of the cameras attached to the car in the first shot.

But Block’s skill makes the fender-skimming stunts look deceptively easy. And while Psy’s Gangnam Style dancing might hold the world video record,  Block proves his own footwork is just as fancy.